Machine Learning Medical Assistant

AuxilioMD is an integration platform that helps researchers set up a clinical validation study by providing the front and backend software to pilot their models in a hospital. We are the last-mile solution for clinical researchers who want to validate, implement, and eventually sell their machine learning (ML) models for healthcare diagnostics.

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Our open source project!

Here, we present you our open source project. Check out our GitHub!

Special thanks to our Chief Executive Director Teckhua Chiang and Technology Director Surtaz Khan.
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Case Study

We partnered with Dr. Shung, who developed a ML-algorithm to risk triage upper GI bleeding patient to conduct our first case study.
Upper GI bleeding is a prominent problem in all age groups, by using machine learning, patients can be better supported in the diagnosis process.
To read more on his algorithm, and how it will benefit the future of clinical decision tools, click the button bellow!

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You will get to know more about us -- our history, the challenges we faced, and why we are committed to our work with AuxilioMD.

Model Integration

AuxilioMD will help you build a machine learning diagnostic tool that is connected to the hospital's EHR system and seamlessly integrate into doctors' workflow.


Model Visualization

AuxilioMD will run through machine learning models to generate visual diagnostics and risk scores that doctors can effectively use to treat patients.

End-User Focus

AuxilioMD provides personalized support that will help you develop a tool that fully satisfy your needs.


Who we are.

We are a team of five ambitious Yale undergraduates and two extraordinary Yale New Haven Hospital physicians. Together, we tackle the problems in health care and provide innovative machine learning solutions.

Teckhua Chiang

Chief Executive Director

Aidan Neziri

Business Development Director

Rami Rajjoub

Product Director

Bella Xiong

Sales & Marketing Director

Surtaz Khan

Technology Director

Dr. Michael Simonov

Medical Advisor

Dr. Dennis Shung

Medical Advisor

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